Timeless America

Edition Size: Canvas 49   Paper 99:

Available in 2 formats with 7 options:

Canvas Only (large): 39″ x 27.5″

Canvas Only (regular): 24″ x 17″

Canvas Framed (large): 48″ x 36.5″

Canvas Framed (regular): 33″ x 26″

Paper Only: 30″ x 21″

Paper Mounted: 36.5″ x 31″

Paper Framed: 42.5″ x 37″

Time Square as you’ve never seen it before – it’s been Albertosised!!

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As is often the case with Alberto this piece is interlaced with a story linked to the Cuban people, still exiled from the USA. Have you spotted the door handles and zippers opening up the buildings, this is a view many Cuban’s have of New York, that it is a city of opportunity with many doors opening. However you will also observe ‘red lights’ and ‘No Entry’ signs which references the block still imposed on the Cuban people.

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