Liverpool Icons – Stevie G

Edition Size: 495

Available in a single format with 3 options:

Paper Only: 15″ x 18″

Paper Mounted: 22″ x 25.5″

Paper Framed: 25.5″ x 30″

Can you find Bill Shankly ?

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Liverpool Icons is full of iconic Liverpool scenes and references, amongst many things, the Hillsborough tragedy and the solidarity of the City during this harrowing time. Even the two great football rivals joined hands in a show of compassion and love. Stevie G holds the Champions League Cup of 2005 above his head and the little lad replicates his idol using a scarf. Look closely above the mirror and you will see the silhouette of the great Sir Bill Shankly, arguably Liverpool’s greatest ever manager, cleverly embedded by the artist.

Impeccable attention to detail John has faithfully reproduced every detail of this amazing Liverpool Icon work of art.

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