Scallywags Collection – She Loves Me Not

Edition Size: 25

Available in a single format with 3 options:

Paper Framed: 28″ x 35″

Paper Mounted: 20″ x 27″

Paper Only: 14″ x 21″

From the Scallywags collection this little lad is preying that the petals fall in his favour but he ends up with the dreaded ‘she loves me not’ and he’s gutted.

Craig and the guys at Blutulip discussed the propriety of the tattoo’s on a young lad and we agreed it was okay.

Firstly they are the stick on and removable ones we all had as kids, and secondly Proctor and Gamble tipped the balance for us!

If you watch the Fairy Liquid Platinum dishwasher advert currently being aired on TV, the little baby logo from the Fairy Liquid bottle turns into a ‘punk version’ on his loud and aggressive motorbike and guess what, he has a tattoo!

Proctor and Gamble will have researched the correctness of this to death and decided it was appropriate and so if it’s okay for them we conclude it is a safe bet for us as well.

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