Red Shoe

Edition size: Canvas 49   Paper 99

Available in 2 formats with 4 options:

Canvas Framed 36.5” x 26.5 ”

Paper Only: 27.5″ x 20″ – SOLD OUT SORRY!

Paper Mounted: 33.5″  x 27″ – SOLD OUT, SORRY !

Paper Framed: 43.5″ x 33″ – SOLD OUT, SORRY !

Read the whole story contained within this intriguing picture, what does it all mean?

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There is a compelling story embedded within this complex artwork as Cuban residents look for ways to exit their island home.

The Cuban missile crisis, falling stock markets and much more are all captured within this wonderful picture.

What does it all mean, a Cuban cigar, car in a bottle, a RED SHOE and various ladies pants and gents undies hanging on a washing line – crazy!!

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