Trains, Planes and Automobiles Collection – My True Love

Edition Size: 49

Available in a single format with 2 options:

Canvas Only: 39″ x 16″

Canvas Framed: 49″ x 26″

As he makes his way to his beloved Spitfire the question we ask is who is the pilots true love !

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From the Trains, Planes and Automobiles collection this picture has proven to be very popular and a best seller in galleries.

The Spitfire’s reputation needs no introduction and the relationship our pilots formed with their planes is well documented in many World War Two records.

With each ‘goodbye’ the question always in the minds of family and friends must surely of been “will we see you again”. 

The job of the pilot was a dangerous one as these fearless men relished the chance to defend our shores.

As the pilot heads for the cockpit with his classic pilots jacket and fur lined boots to keep him warm, Tim raises the question ‘who really is the pilots true love?’