Sacrifice Collection – Do We Really Remember

Edition Size: 95

Available in a single format with 3 options:

Paper Only: 25″ x 18″

Paper Mounted: 31″ x 24″

Paper Framed: 35″ x 28″

We’ve been surprised by the broad appeal of this amazing image, the full story needs to be understood to really  appreciate the complexity of the picture.

Retail sales have been made from young to old, from collectors of World War One memorabilia to those who just get swept away with the emotional content, this is an Afflick classic.

Use the zoom and take a close look at the amazing detail in this picture.

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This amazing picture, created by celebrated artist John Afflick, is a combination of old and new influences sympathetically combined and designed to make us sit back and reflect. “Do We Really Remember?”

It’s probably not the case that we don’t care; more that we are almost ambivalent to the sacrifice made by the First World War soldiers. We are all too busy with our daily lives, our mobile phones, our music devices and the like to ever really think about who made all this possible, and who provided our way out.

As you look up the staircase to the top the artist has added a halo effect of light and the sign shows us all the ‘Way Out’ which is very poignant. The modern people don’t even see the war heroes on the way down; they are all too busy just being busy!

The artist captures every human emotion and depicts this in the faces and general demeanor of the soldiers. Love, care, friendship, despair, resignation, hopelessness, sadness, courage, the list goes on. As for the war heroes themselves, they are all long gone, but let’s hope never forgotten.

The two soldiers in the bottom right and left of the picture stare out intently at the viewer and ask the question: “Do You Really Remember?” Well, do we?

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