All That Jazz Collection – Cocktails At The Club

Edition Size: 49

Available in a single format with 2 options:

Canvas Only: 12″ x 31″

Canvas Framed: 22″ x 41

‘Cocktails at the Club’ shows us a stylish single lady enjoying a few cocktails at her private table, she’s clearly a VIP of the club occupying a table in a prime spot!

The club is busy and clearly a place where everyone can relax and enjoy All That Jazz



Tim Shorten takes a new direction with his All That Jazz Collection which we have just released!

Certainly not abandoning his trademark ‘smouldering atmosphere filled with excitement and sometimes tension’ Tim has moved into classic Jazz scenes with 4 new pictures, 2 are released now with 2 more coming at the start of May.

Tim is a musician and singer himself and it is quite clear that he really ‘feels’ the mood within the Jazz Club scene and this he captures beautifully in all 4 pictures.