Fairies Wear Boots Collection – Cat’s Got Your Tongue

Edition size 99

Available in a single format with 3 options:

Paper Framed: 28″ x 35″

Paper Mounted: 20″ x 27″

Paper Only: 14″ x 21″

Cats Got Ya Tongue offers a subtle reference to the Rolling Stones album 40 Licks and asks the question, what has this little Fairy done wrong, she clearly doesn’t want to offer up any explanation.

The cat seems alarmed by something or other and the little daisy is happy.

Craig continues with his spectrum of colour which offers a rainbow effect across the picture.

Buyers have really taken to the Scallywags and Fairies images because the artist is able to create a ‘look’ with the pouting, curled lip, and eyes full of expression, it’s one we can all relate to.

In each image maybe we see something of ourselves when we were children!

Edition of 99.

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